Since the ecological transition requires data, we are committed as a company to provide access to the data we collect in the course of our missions. Indeed, making the data available and making it easier for businesses, local authorities and the general public to make use of them will contribute to the multiplication of concrete environmental actions.

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A mine of data

Our open data portal allows creators of mobile applications and, more generally, all stakeholders to access a large volume of open data on our various fields of expertise.

In addition to publishing the data, ADEME also makes available concrete illustrations and visualisations of these data.

ADEME goes further with the creation of the Data Factory. We are enhancing our service offering to provide stakeholders with data which will allow them, free of charge, to produce data visualisations, personalised mapping, or dashboards and dynamic reports.

Our objective is clear: to facilitate the ecological transition by the use of data.

data sets


Transition(s) 2050

We have dedicated a portal to data that can be used to support any prospective work to achieve the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Access to the site “Data Transitions 2050” (in French)

Limitless harnessing of the data

Using ADEME’s open data, the Datagir digital service answers the wishes of individuals to be guided in their day-to-day behavioural choices and the need of developers to use reliable and up-to-date environmental impact data. Our experts help the latter to understand ADEME’s open data and to incorporate them into their applications or online service projects. For examples, groups such as Yuka, Open Food Facts and Marmiton use data on the environmental impact of food taken from the Agribalyse database.

In order to multiply climate actions, we are providing local authorities, media, businesses and associations with turnkey, open-source calculators that they can install on their Internet site and share freely. This allows web users, in a fun and easy way to, for example, to evaluate the CO2 emissions caused by their travel (My travel impact), lifestyles (Our climate actions) and consumer habits (Seasonal fruit and vegetable, What to do with my waste, My CO2 converter).

The open data by ADEME are a tremendous opportunity to accelerate the ecological transition.

— Martin Régner, intrapreneur in charge of developing ADEME’s Datagir digital service.