Our missions

As the ecological transition agency, our mission is to accelerate the transition to a more sober and supportive, job-generating, humane and harmonious society. To this end, we support innovation, from research to the application and sharing of solutions. Such that we generalise good practices and advance knowledge.

France’s carbon neutrality objective,

set by the National Low Carbon Strategy

Thanks to a global vision, we develop strategic orientations in our areas of competence, monitor their implementation and evaluate their effectiveness. In metropolitan France and overseas, our employees raise awareness and support citizens, local authorities and economic stakeholders with a view to changing lifestyles, which is now essential.

Support and mobilise

From training to advice for action, we support all stakeholders to accelerate the ecological transition.


We support research projects, experimentation and the deployment of innovative solutions.

Sharing our expertise

Our expertise contributes to improving knowledge, guiding public action and engaging stakeholders in concrete actions.

Prospective work

Through our prospective approach, we bring a vision to public policies and propose a course towards the ecological transition.

Supporting research

We guide, program, lead and promote numerous research and innovation projects.


Our data is accessible to facilitate their concrete reuse in the service of climate preservation.