Ademe, the french ecological transition agency

ADEME has been involved in the combat against climate change and the degradation of resources for 30 years and is determined to move the yardsticks in order to build a more resource-efficient and inclusive society. We are at the disposal of all stakeholders (State, businesses, local authorities, citizens) to accelerate the reduction of our energy consumption, develop renewable energies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

+ 1000

locations throughout the country 

overseas representations

We support innovation and research. We are actively involved in all areas of the ecological transition (food, mobility, housing, consumption, etc.) so that everyone can rethink their use and needs and find alternative solutions.

At ADEME, we are convinced that these changes are possible, but also desirable.

Our organisation

ADEME is present throughout France, both on the mainland and overseas. Our missions, organisation and operation are set out in the French Environmental Code.

Our strategies

We have built strategies to support all the actors who contribute to the ecological transition, by type of actor, sector of activity and geographical area.

Our CSR approach

We have environmental and social commitments, which we apply in our practices, using a CSR approach that involves our employees and partners.

Our history

Created in 1990, ADEME developed while awareness of the environmental emergency grew. It gradually adopted a role as an amplifier of initiatives related to the ecological transition.