Our CSR approach

As an agency for ecological transition, we have high environmental and social commitments. We also apply them in our practices, through CSR, to reduce our environmental footprint, contribute to the development of our employees and involve our employees and partners.

In this page:

ADEME is fully mobilised to accelerate the ecological transition towards a more sober, harmonious and job-creating society. Given our duty to be exemplary, we have initiated a collective effort to design our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Our CSR approach fits into France’s commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This is a key step. It structures actions that we have been implementing for many years, reducing the energy footprint of our offices, promoting clean mobility for our employees, etc.

Our CSR strategy sets firm objectives in our practices, both social and environmental. It revolves around five pillars. 

To satisfy the professional development of all our employees

We are very committed to respecting professional equality in terms of recruitment, salary, training and professional development. We publish a sex equality index that evaluates salary differences in order to improve wage equality between men and women. We obtained an overall score of 88/100 in 2021, and achieved the highest score on three of the five criteria selected by government. We are focused on improving working conditions for everyone, especially for people with disabilities.

To reduce the environmental footprint by involving our employees

In 2004, we created the ADEME exemplary approach. Whether it is the collection and monitoring of consumption statistics at each of our sites or awareness-raising actions, we integrate the principles of sustainable development into our internal management.

reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions

between 2011 et 2017

We will continue these actions, in particular by increasing the proportion of renewable energy supplies at our sites, by promoting the eco-responsible initiatives of our employees, etc.

To involve our partners and employees

It is through our independence and objectivity that ADEME is recognised as a trusted third party by citizens, local authorities and economic actors. To support as many projects as possible, we need to ensure transparent governance and clear decision-making processes. As early as July 2018, we adopted a deontology charter which defines the principles and procedures that all of our employees commit to following.

To mobilise and include all our stakeholders

We empower citizens, companies and local authorities to commit to the ecological transition (by organising events, networking, etc.), in order to inspire and amplify its effects for the maximum number of people.

To inform stakeholders with open and objective expertise

To develop research, share and disseminate our environmental expertise is at the heart of our missions. We support a large number of projects with our technical, methodological and financial tools.