Retrospective analysis of the interaction between the development of biofuels in France changes in French and World markets and changes in land use

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Organisme : IN NUMERI, ADEME
Description : février 2012 - 15 p. - 128 p.
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Description du tableau
Résumé : The Life Cycle Analysis of biofuel streams conducted in 2009 for ADEME and the ministries concerned showed that GHG balance sheets regarding increased use of biofuels in France were extremely sensitive to different hypotheses concerning possible land use changes (LUC), a topic about which there was insufficient information to enable any conclusions to be drawn.

In order to provide a more reliable basis for taking into account the effects of LUCs in the future, ADEME instigated a number of supplementary reports and research programs. Among those, a retrospective analysis of the interaction between the development of biofuels in France and changes occurring in agricultural production, streams and markets (imports and exports of biofuels, and agricultural and processed raw materials), over the period 1993-2009.

The geographical scope of the report covered metropolitan France and its overseas territories, plus countries from which, during the period 1993 - 2009, France had imported agricultural products with energy production potential (colza, sunflowers, wheat, corn, sugar-beet), crude oils, ethanol, cattle-cake, or actual biofuels, and countries which had imported these same products from France over the same period. As far as possible, the analysis had to enable the identification of the following interactions:

  • connections between changes in the various markets;
  • possible connections between market developments and changes in land use, whether direct or indirect;
  • possible cases of relocation of production or conversion of non-agricultural land caused by the development of biofuels and, if such cases were found, quantification of the changes involved.

This study will be complemented by an analysis conducted by INRA.

A French version is available.


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