Present and future employment for the "bio-based chemistry"

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Organisme : ALCIMED, ADEME
Description : juillet 2012 - 10 p.
Type de contenu : Etude, Rapport

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Description du tableau
Résumé : Bio-based chemistry is one of the 12 principles of green chemistry. It is based on the use of plant resources to replace fossil resources for manufacturing chemical products and its markets/areas of application.

In this context ADEME's Department of Bioresources wanted a consolidated overall vision of the job forecast (2020) and potential pool that bio-based chemistry represents in the years to come. Current and future employment in connection with bio-based chemistry as well as the required skills for its development were then assessed.

A French version is available.


Description du tableau
Date de mise en ligne : juillet 2012
Date d'édition : juillet 2012
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