Monitoring of energy efficiency trends and policies in the EU

The Odyssee MURE project

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Résumé : This brochure on energy efficiency trends and policies implementation in the EU-28 is based on the ODYSSEEMURE project supported by the Intelligent Energy Program of the European Commission, the club EnR and the European energy efficiency agencies.
The project aims at evaluating the impact of energy efficiency implementation for the EU 28 based on energy efficiency indicators and Norway and at revealing the innovative and successful practices over European based on sound ex-post evaluations.
The diagnosis on energy efficiency trends has been carried out based on a set of 200 harmonized and comparable energy efficiency indicators covering the period 2000-2013 for the EU 28 and for each of the European countries.
Around 2500 energy efficiency policies have been scrutened in particular those reported by the Members states in the last 2014 NEAAP.
Based on this data collection a strategic analysis of the policies implementation dynamics and their impact assessed through energy efficiency indicators has been carried out.
This cross country comparisons has shown that the 2008-2009 crisis has certainly affected both the energy efficiency trends as well as the design and rhythm of policies implementation according to national circumstances and the sectors considered. However the analysis of the most recent data available in the EU allows us to observe that after 2010 a recovery of the energy efficiency levels is on going practically reaching the pre-crisis situation. On the policy side we note a repackaging or a re-optimization of the policy mix.
These unique and original results in Europe contributes to the implementation and the assessment of the monitoring requirements of the ESD (Energy service directive ) and the EED (Energy efficiency directives or other sectoral directives such as the EPBD (Energy building performances directive)and eco design directives.
This analysis is a synthesis of 3 new sectoral brochures (building, transport and industry) which are published in the ODYSSEE-MURE web site which are the reference in Europe.


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