Monitoring and evaluating climate change adaptation at local and regional levels

Learning from international experience to develop an M&D methodology

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Organisme : ADEME
Description : février 2013 - 55 p. - Réf. 7412
Type de contenu : Etude, Rapport

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Description du tableau
Résumé : Climate change is a fact, and therefore the topic of adaptation to climate change must be addressed today by our public policies, at national, regional and local levels. In fulfilment of its mission of coordination of the national PCET resources centre (Plan climat énergie territorial), ADEME has compiled this series of publications devoted to case studies and experience around the world in order to bring local authorities examples of best practices and methodologies.

This volume is devoted to the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policies. Prior to setting up a monitoring and evaluation system the local authority must define its objectives and the desired outcomes for this process. This report presents the main guiding principles to be followed, and gives examples of four evaluation processes, supplemented by four families of monitoring indicators.

Local authorities are encouraged to read this report to find initial information that is pertinent to their own territories.

There is a French version.


Description du tableau
Éditeur : ADEME
Date de mise en ligne : février 2013
Date d'édition : février 2013
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