Methodologies and approaches of territorial planning

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Organisme : ADEME
Description : décembre 2015 - 27 p.
Type de contenu : Benchmark

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Description du tableau
Résumé : Since the 1990s local authorities have emerged as central actors in the debate and action on climate change. They can and must play a major role as «relays» to spur action in the fight against climate change.
Following this period of natural «spontaneous generation» of methods and tools, it is now time to acquire an overall view of approaches to energy and climate action around the globe. ADEME has drawn up a panorama of these approaches in countries around the world, to analyse the French TCEP scheme in relation to these initiatives, and especially in comparison with networks created to promote these approaches to local authorities. Addressing the questions of ADEME's French and international partners, this overview also positions energy and climate planning approaches and tools in relation to each other, identifying differences and shared features, and possible opportunities for coordination. This comparative analysis will help local authorities identify the respective scopes and merits of various approaches.


Description du tableau
Date de mise en ligne : décembre 2018
Date d'édition : décembre 2015
Langue : EN
Type de support : pdf/A4
Cible(s) concernée(s) : Collectivités et Secteur Public
Public : Collectivités territoriales, Bureaux d'études