Innovative solutions for off-grid access to energy

Projects led by French companies or NGOs for off-grid communities

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Auteur(s) : DIALLO Bubacar, MASSE Tiphaine, CUONG LE QUAN Minh, MARIETTE Vincent, THERRILLON Maxime, SAINCY Nicolas, WILDBERGER Kerman, DE BUCY Jacques, SAINT-SERNIN Etienne
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Résumé : At the beginning of 2018, the Call for Proposals « Innovative solutions for off-grid access to energy » has led to the selection of 9 projects from companies and NGOs working on this topic. These projects, which are presented in this document, develop technological, organizational and business models innovations that are likely to ensure a decrease of the solutions' costs and a stronger involvement and appropriation by the concerned populations.
Nowadays, direct off-grid access to energy can guarantee economic development through the implementation of reliable and lasting solutions, going beyond the lighting needs of households: irrigation for agriculture, energy services at the village level, water desalination... Microgrids and nano-grids projects prove to be solutions that in some situations are more competitive and accessible than the extension of national grids.


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