Export Catalogue 2018 - 2019 : Technologies and services of french eco-companies

Club ADEME International

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Organisme : ADEME
Description : novembre 2018 - 148 p. - Réf. 010657
Type de contenu : Annuaire, Catalogue

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Description du tableau
Résumé : Founded in 1997 at the initiative of ADEME and sponsored by the French government ministries for Ecology, Industry and Foreign Trade, Club ADEME International brigs together over one hundred innovative French companies that are present in the world sustainable development market.
Piloted by ADEME, this network of environmental business accompanies its members as they develop innovative international projects and partnerships dedicated to protecting the environment and mastering energy consumption.
Club ADEME International, in liaison with ADEME and public bodies, offers many pratical servicesbusiness intelligence and information products, support for innovation-that members develop their international activity.


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Date de mise en ligne : novembre 2018
Date d'édition : novembre 2018
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