Research and innovation

The Thesis programme

Updated 03/15/2018

ADEME can support doctoral students with their thesis projects to two ends:

  • strengthening R&D human resources in the agency's areas of action;
  • fostering the production of new scientific and technological knowledge, with a desire to use the results.
Each year, the call for applications aims to select 60 new doctoral students from an average of 200 to 220 applicants.
Applications have to be registered online on the following website ‘TheseNetADEME’.
The projects submitted must have a candidate (who holds a Master's degree on 1 October of the year of the call for applications), a host laboratory and a socio-economic partner:

The selected candidates become ADEME employees and conduct public or private research projects. Applications are accepted from outside the European Union. Candidates must have a good standard of French, be put forward by a manager from the host laboratory in France and have the agreement of the co-financing partner.
The host laboratory must be attached to a French public research establishment.
The socio-economic partner (company or public authority) undertakes to equally co-finance the cost of the remuneration paid to the doctoral student with ADEME.

Since 1992, over 1,500 students have benefited from this programme. Established for around twenty years, former doctoral students represent an exceptional network of knowledge and skill relating to the issues of sustainable development. It now has over 1,300 doctors of science practising all over the world.

The over all budget for the programme is €5.5 million, of which €3 million will be contributed by ADEME.