The European Week for Waste Reduction

Updated 05/28/2020

Every year, a European Week for Waste Reduction is organized to disseminate good practices.

An event organized each year all around Europe

The European Week for Waste Reduction is supported by a EWWR Steering Committee composed by 11 Europeans Institutions such as ADEME. 

The project aims to organize awareness-raising actions on waste reduction throughout Europe during the same week. The Week will thus mobilize the populations of more than 30 territories of the European Union.

The theme for 2019 was “Waste Education and communication” and was shaped through the 3R’s : Reduce waste, Reuse products and Recycle material. The 3R’s is the core of a waste management strategy and prove that changing daily habits can have a real impact to avoid wasting. 

Over 16,500 actions have been conducted in 2019 to convince the general public, businesses and public authorities, among others, by the 30 countries of the EU.

The 2020 edition will take place from November 21st to 29th.
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Focus on the event in France

In France, ADEME is the coordinator of the SERD (Semaine Européenne de Réduction des Déchets) the French equivalent of the European Week for Waste Reduction. For many years, ADEME has been claiming the message: “The ideal waste is a waste that does not exist!”. 


ADEME through the SERD encourages French organizations to disseminate messages to a large audience to prevent waste:
  • by consuming and producing more responsibly (consumption of not heavily packaged or eco labelled products, eco-designed products);
  • by giving products a life extension (repairs and donations);
  • by finding more ecological waste solutions (compost, mulching).
In France over 7,000 actions initiatives were conducted during the 2019 edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction. The audience of the SERD is quite wide in France: administrations, communities, associations, schools and the general public. Everyone can act!

Action initiatives are targeted to convince the general public, businesses and public authorities, among others, of the necessity of reducing waste.

Awards for best action initiatives

Each year an award ceremony is organized to congratulate the best initiatives during The European Week for Waste Reduction. During this ceremony, outstanding projects, pre-selected by a national and an international jury, receive a prize. On the edition of 2019, the French winners are:
  • Best Public Administration/Organization : “'I'll tell you of a time you have never known'' an intergenerational exchanges organized by NONTRON SMCTOM waste collection agency;
  • Best Business: Launch of a circular economy for technical medical aids in Haute-Saône by Mutualité Française de haute Saône (Bien-Être Médical);
  • Best Educational Etablishment: Food wastage and recovery of unsold bakery / pastry developed by Ecole de Boulangerie et Pâtisserie de Paris (EBP);
  • Best Association: Collection, dismantling and donation of materials intended for DIY organized by La Quincaille;
  • Encouragement award: The first plastic-free market in Raiatea organized by the Lycée des îles Sous-le-Vent in French Polynesia.