Support of French innovation and solutions worldwide

Updated 04/05/2018

ADEME is involved on the international scene in accordance with its national strategy.

Arnaud Leroy, CEO of ADEME, in India.
ADEME works with its line ministries and its large partner’s network in order to promote the supply of goods and services and the French expertise on environment, sustainable development, energy management and climate change. ADEME supports French expertise towards emerging or in development countries.
 ADEME’s worldwide missions:
  • Acknowledge the French expertise: thanks to its private and institutional partners, ADEME creates a collection of brochures that highlight French expertise in various sectors of green technologies
  • Share its expertise on supporting tools and its methodologies: these specifics tools and methodologies were develop in order to prepare territories or organizations awareness on energy and climate issues. Severals international projects use these approaches, under a logic of cooperation and share of best practices.
  • Promote French green-technologies supply: For over 20 years, Club ADEME International gather French innovative companies in energy and environment, interested in an international development. Club ADEME International is steer by ADEME. This network gives opportunities to its members to exchange with actors of the public sector in charge of the foreign affairs and with environment and energy experts.
  • Support of demonstration projects in the green technologies sector: a number of demonstration projects are implemented as part of the Investments for the Future program. These technologies have a strong potential for development on a European and worldwide scale.