Hydrogen and electricity infrastructure for future mobility – A French and Japanese cooperation

Updated 03/05/2018

Since 2004, ADEME and the New energy and industrial technology development organization (NEDO) have held a seminar each year during the World efficiency exhibition.

The ADEME-NEDO 2017 seminar

This year’s seminar took place on 13 December, in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, and was part of the World efficiency 2017 exhibition in Paris. The seminar's theme was “Hydrogen and electricity infrastructure for future mobility”.

This year, about 80 participants attended the event. They came from the government, private companies, agencies, and other Japanese and French related organisations.
During the seminar, several participants made a presentation about this year’s subjects. These presentations allowed them to discuss about the expected future technologies of smart community systems and hydrogen infrastructure.

This seminar was launched by a French government announcement: France plans to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles and France will promote the deployment of electric and fuel cell vehicles.

Items of the seminar:
  • National Policies in France and Japan;
  • Hydrogen and electricity production infrastructures for future mobility;
  • Distribution and usage infrastructure for hydrogen and electricity mobility.
Find out more about the ADEME - NEDO 2017 seminar (PDF - 177.42ko)

More about the French-Japanese cooperation agreement

This cooperation agreement links ADEME and NEDO and guarantees an exchange of knowledge.

This agreement:
  • allows the parties to get benefits from each other;
  • encourages the emergence of common projects.
NEDO is a Japanese governmental organization which aims to promote the introduction and development of new energy technologies but also to make research and develop the industrial technology.