The European Week for Waste Reduction

Updated 03/15/2018

Every year, a European Week for Waste Reduction is organised to disseminate good pratices.

An event organised each year all around Europe

The European Week for Waste reduction was supported by the Information and communication component of the European commission’s LIFE+ programme until 2011.

The project aims to organise awareness-raising actions on waste reduction throughout Europe during the same week. The Week will thus mobilise the populations of more than 21 territories of the European union.

Over 12,000 actions will be conducted to convince the general public, businesses and public authorities, among others, by the 27 countries of the EU.

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Focus on the event in France

For many years, ADEME has been claiming the message: “The ideal waste is a waste that does not exist!”
ADEME encourages French organizations to disseminate messages to a large audience to prevent waste:
  • by consuming and producing more responsibly (consumption of not heavily packaged or eco labelled products, eco-designed products);
  • by giving products a life extension (repairs and donations)
  • by finding more ecological waste solutions (compost, mulching).
The audience of the “The Week” is quite wide in France: administrations, communities, associations, schools and the general public. Everyone can act!
The European Week for Waste Reduction 2017, its:
  • over 5,125 actions initiatives conducted in France, an increase of 12% in one year;
  • 851 organizations involved
Action initiatives are targeted to convince the general public, businesses and public authorities, among others, of the necessity of reducing waste.


Awards for best action initiatives

Each year, The European Week for Waste Reduction Awards takes place. During this ceremony, outstanding projects, pre-selected by a national and an international jury, receive a prize. On the edition of 2017, the French winners are:
  • Best urban community: “Faisons la fête aux biodéchets “ (Let us make a bio-waste party!) from “Grand Reims” urban community ;
  • Best cooperative, “Agir durable – réémploi” (Sustainable act, reuse) created by R2D2;
  • Best Association, “Green Friday” from “Fédération Envie”;
  • Best educational establishment, “Voiture en Kit” (A kit car) from the professional high school of Faa’a Tahiti.