The Environmental Conference in September 2013 confirmed the collective will of stakeholders to engage France in a transition to a circular economy: in a context of increasing scarcity of resources, of issues involving supplying the nation with energy and climate change, with the aim of going beyond the traditional "linear" model of production and consumption (take, make, consume, dispose), and to reduce the consumption of resources and use them as efficiently as possible.

Providing the suitable budgetary resources, the French government has commissioned ADEME throughout its activities (supporting knowledge, construction, behavioural change and territorial programmes) to supervise the implementation of the new 2014-2020 waste reduction and recovery plan and 2014-2020 national waste prevention programme established by the public authorities.
ADEME has long been a major operator in waste prevention and management policies and a committed participant in all the pillars of the circular economy. It has thus developed a strategy for its involvement, together with a support scheme to meet the objectives and ambitions of this new waste policy and "loi de programmation" law on energy transition.