The Global Climate Action Agenda

Updated 05/15/2018

Launched during COP21, the Global Climate Action Agenda aims to reinforce non-state actor’s mobilization as part of the global climate ecosystem.

More than one hundred initiatives and international coalitions have been launched in this framework. ADEME actively contributes to several of them:

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction – GABC

ADEME contributes to the GABC’s working groups and brings its expertise in low-carbon buildings, especially in hot and tropical climates. It is involved in the PEEB programme together with AFD and GIZ, which aims to reduce the climate impact of buildings in energing and developing countries by supporting a national regulations and by promoting:

  • architectural design approaches adapted to the climate;
  • the use of local materials;
  • energy efficiency of equipment and appliances.

Find out more about GABC

The ACT project – Assessing low Carbon Transition

ADEME initiated this project in partnership with the NGO Carbon Disclosure Project. This project aims to develop a globally shared methodology in order to measure companies’ greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments, in order to achieve the 2℃ target.

Consult the ACT’s website

Mobilise Your City (MYC)

ADEME is a founding partner of MYC together with AFD, GIZ, CEREMA and CODATU. This initiative plans to deploy 100 sustainable urban mobility plans in 20 developing countries by 2020.

More information about MYC

Mission Innovation

This initiative brings together more than twenty countries, including France. Their aim is to reinforce public support to research and development programmes fundings low-carbon solutions. In this frameworks, ADEME contributes to an "Innovation Challenge" led by France and India which promotes innovative solutions for acess to renewable electricity in off grid areas.

The website of “Innovation Mission”

The Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA)

Launched and supported by the European Commission, CoMSSA aims to support 13 Sub-Saharan cities in the planning and implementation of climate and energy action plans.

The CoMSSA’s website

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

This initiative was launched by Bertrand Piccard as a project of the Solar Impulse Foundation. Its goal is to promote existing solutions that enable reaching health, environmental and climate objectives. This Alliance brings together start-ups, companies, institutions and organizations that create and support clean technologies.

See also The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions website