Presentation and organisation

Updated 09/19/2018

At the end of 2007, following the request of stakeholders in the transport sector, ADEME established the French Observatory for Energy and Environment in Transport (OEET).


The task of the Observatory is to assess emissions according to a common methodology. This assessment will then be used in the mandatory reporting of greenhouse gas emissions for transport services and orders, as well as in producing eco-comparators.

Chaired by Professor Yves Crozet (University of Lyon - IEP), the OEET is co-led by ADEME, the French Ministry of Sustainable Development and the Interprofessional Technical Centre for Studies on Air Pollution (CITEPA).

In its work, the OEET associates all passenger and freight transport stakeholders, and transport infrastructures: associations, regional and local authorities, companies, State services and trade unions. A charter made available to participants specifies the Observatory's tasks and methods.

The OEET's assessments are sent to public authorities in order to clarify their decisions and provide reference data.

The main assessments and working reports conducted by the Observatory are available in French on this website, and some documents are available in other languages.


A review board is responsible for approving the tools, methods and results from the Observatory's work.

This work is conducted by three technical committees that bring together professionals and experts recognised in their resective fields:
  • the "infrastructures" committee;
  • the "freight" committee;
  • the "passenger" committee.