ADEME worldwide

Updated 08/26/2021

Worldwide, ADEME is involved in the implementation of bilateral cooperation with similar agencies and in the support of the agreements signed by its parent ministries.

ADEME has developed partnerships, focused in particular on the energy management sector, with its counterparts in the Mediterranean region (AMEE in Morocco, ANME in Tunisia and APRUE in Algeria), in Africaand in Asia (Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India and NEDO in Japan). In China it also supports two Franco-Chinese agreements on sustainable urban development and environment. Finally, ADEME is highly involved in multilateral cooperation with international associations and networks such as:
  • MEDENER, the Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Management;
  • Club ER, the network of African agencies for rural electrification;
  • The IPEEC, the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation;
  • The ECREEE, the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

ADEME participates in climate negotiations within the French delegation on the issue of technology transfer, acting as the French focal point for the Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN).

Local strategies

As part of its energy and climate activities, ADEME is a stakeholder in several international multilateral cooperation actions.

Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative

To bring high-level political support to facilitate access to energy, the UN Secretary General the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative. This initiative was designed to support three major objectives by 2030.

It also supports French delegations and represents France in various agreements that aim to strengthen international commitment to sustainable development.