Eco-designed products, processes and services: strategic roadmap

Description du tableau
Organisme : ADEME
Description : décembre 2011 - 2 p. - 33 p. - Réf. 7309
Type de contenu : Feuille de route Stratégique

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Description du tableau
Résumé : In the context of this roadmap, we shall be considering eco-design as a functional and integrating approach that takes account of all impacts throughout the entire life cycle of a product or process, from the extraction of the raw materials through to the wastes produced by manufacturing and their transportation and use. The eco-designed process or product (goods or service) is intended to perform a function and satisfy a need with the best possible eco-efficiency, i.e. by using resources (be they virgin or recycled raw materials, water and energy) efficiently and by minimising the environmental impacts.

This approach, therefore, integrates the ecodesign of goods and services which are more economic with resources, cause less pollution and contribute to health and social progress, in addition to methods of organisation and trade based on the use and functionality of products or processes (rental, sharing, housing cooperation and any offering that favours the use rather than the act of purchasing).

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Description du tableau
Éditeur : ADEME
Date de mise en ligne : décembre 2011
Date d'édition : décembre 2011
Langue : EN
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Cible(s) concernée(s) : Particuliers et Eco-citoyens
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