Construction in tropical Climates

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Organisme : ADEME
Description : septembre 2019 - 6 p. - Réf. 010728
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Résumé : In 2015, ADEME and its partners launched an international task force called Low Energy in Tropical Climate for Housing Innovation (LETCHI). It was formed to find solutions and optimize the energy efficiency and comfort of buildings and housing in tropical countries. It aims to promote the principles of architectural design suited to the climate, the choice of local materials, and energy efficiency, with the goal of reconsidering the way buildings are designed and adapting the bioclimatic principles of vernacular architecture to current requirements and global architectural standards.
Experts from France (Reunion Island), India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and East Africa are getting together to share their experience and expertise, demonstrating the feasibility of constructing passive, bioclimatic residential buildings with high energy efficiency, real thermal comfort, and at an abordable cost, in tropical areas.

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