Conference 'Our Common Future under Climate Change' July 9th, 2015

Innovative Technologies to Mitigate Climate Change: Priorities by country

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Description : juillet 2015 - 10 p.
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Résumé : Background to the conference

New technologies for energy will have to be developed in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. To achieve this, governments support R&D and innovative work conducted by companies and laboratories, with the objective of accelerating the pace of market development and penetration for these technologies. The future markets of a 'green' economy will spur new activities and new jobs. Among all the available technologies, each country and each government has set priorities and allocated public funding to specific portfolios of targeted innovation. At the national level these priorities are established via forward-looking scenarios, such as roadmaps drawn up in collaboration with the business community. Nonetheless, much uncertainty remains as to the materialization of these new technologies in new markets. The conference 'Innovative Technologies to Mitigate Climate Change: Priorities by country' was devoted to discussion and exchange between governmental decision-makers from various major countries. The focus of this discussion was the priority targets that have been identified as the most promising for mitigating climate change, as well as for creating new economic activity. The panellists' presentations provided an occasion to learn about the specific targets chosen according to the circumstances of each country, and to see areas of convergence between countries regarding certain technologies.


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