Assessment of electricity consumption in the ICT layer in Smart grids

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Résumé : Faced with issues related to energy transition, the current electricity networks are confronted with several challenges. They must integrate new forms of renewable energy production that are decentralized and variable; prepare for the mass arrival of new consumption usages, while ensuring the maintenance of good quality electricity transportation. They also need to evolve towards offer and demand management methods that are more efficient and less energy consuming.
This change in electricity networks cannot be brought about without massive deployment of information and telecommunications technologies (ICT). ICT development responds to two major issues:
  • Improving the overall knowledge about the electricity system, through multiplication of sensors and data;
  • Monitoring the electricity system in a more responsive manner to make it more flexible at all levels between the production and consumption. What is equally important is that ICT's will enable more granular management of usages in order to obtain major benefits in terms of demand side management (DSM).
This growth of ICT's will differently concern all the strata of the electricity system: from the network core to the interior of the home. 'Smart' solutions for energy integrate several information and telecommunications technologies (ICT): internet of things, gateways, wire and radio communication, data centres, smartphones, etc. This equipment represents an impact in terms of electricity consumption.
In this context, although ICT development in the smart electricity networks is taking place to improve the economic and environmental balance of the electricity system (growth of renewable energy and control over the electricity demand), ADEME wanted, through this exploratory study entrusted to Capgemini Consulting, to evaluate the electricity consumption resulting from their growth. It is a preliminary evaluation of the magnitude of the electricity consumption in the ICT layer in Smart grids for 2020 and 2030 at the France level.


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