AGRIBALYSE Fichier de synthèse 1.3

Janvier 2017

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Auteur(s) : Agribalyse consortium
Collection : Expertises
Description : janvier 2017 - 6 p.
Type de contenu : Etude, Rapport

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Description du tableau
Résumé : AGRIBALYSE partners are providing the main elements of the database in Excel format as well as Ecospold format. These Excel files should enable people interested in AGRIBALYSE results to use them without specific LCA softwares. AGRIBALYSE focus was on Life Cycle Inventories, the environmental impact indicators presented here were calculated with ILCD caracterisation method. The good interpretation of these indicators requires good knowledge and understanding of LCA framework ( e.g. all indicators are not equally robust). These excel files replace former PDF sheets of v1.1.

All the calculation methods are described in the "Methodology report" (Koch and Salou, 2015). The document and many information on ongoing projects related to AGRIBALYSE program are available on the web page (http://www.ademe.fr/en/expertise/alternative-approaches-to-production/agribalyse-program)


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Date de mise en ligne : janvier 2017
Date d'édition : janvier 2017
Langue : FR
Type de support : pdf/A4
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