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Deploying smart grids

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Organisme : ADEME
Description : avril 2015 - 4 p.
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Résumé : With the "Europe of energy" strategy launched in early February, the European Union is placing energy issues at the top of its list of priorities. As the world's leading importer of energy, Europe wishes to secure its supplies, retain its leadership in energy efficiency and diversify its sources, particularly in terms of renewable energy. Research and innovation are therefore strongly supported through the European programme Horizon 2020, which has a budget of ¤9 billion euros for energy and the environment. ADEME is one of the national contact points for France. It provides guidance for French project developers, emphasises their expertise, and encourages international partnerships. For example, the ERANet Smart Grids Plus call for proposals (see article opposite) aims to optimise the management of renewable forms of energy. ADEME is also participating in ERA-Min, which deals with non-energetic raw materials. These two projects are contributing to the success of the energetic and ecological transition on the scale of the European Union.

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