ADEME research programme on atmospheric emissions from composting: research findings and literature review (The)

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Description : juillet 2012 - 244 p.
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Résumé : ADEME launched in 2006 a research programme specifically addressing the emissions of gas and particulates (dusts, mineral and organic) linked to composting wastes, involving many research organisations, technical centres, research consultancies and industrial partners.The work carried out in this framework has enabled an improvement in the knowledge of characterising emissions, of their sources and controlling factors, of their metrology (whether at the source or within the environment around treatment sites), of their dispersion to the atmosphere and subsequent exposure to the local population.

Following on from this programme, a compilation of the results produced, drawing also from a literature review, has been undertaken and is presented here. This scientific work, written by the research partners of the programme, draws from both their expertise and gained experience. It can thus be considered a « state of the art » of the current understanding of atmospheric emissions from composting: be it emission values, means of measurement or of their control.

The document is organised in three main parts:

  • in the first, the general principles of composting and the related atmospheric emissions are given. The section also sets out the current understanding of the main impacts on the environment and on the health of staff and people living near the composting sites.
  • the second part deals with the quantification of the emissions. It describes the methods and strategies of sampling and analysis for gas emissions (including odours) and for particulates (including micro-organisms). The quantitative emission data provided in this section are current figures taken from reference documents already produced by ADEME. These values are brought up to date with data taken from international scientific literature and from the results of the research programme on the emissions from composting. The current report takes note in particular of the knowledge of factors affecting emission. The section then sets out the dispersion of the gaseous emissions and particulates around the site.
  • the third part looks at the consequences of the work given in the report. This includes especially recommendations for the prevention of emissions and for the direction of future studies. The outlook for future and related research is also included.

A French version is available.


Description du tableau
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