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Organisme : ADEME
Description : septembre 2019 - 4 p. - Réf. 010802
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Résumé : The G7 summit held in Biarritz in late August and presided over by France, demonstrated that multilateral approaches and discussions are still very much necessary in order to bring a more concerted answer to current challenges. A number of decisive multilateral meetings, including the Climate Change Summit in New York, should be held by the end of 2019 to encourage the international community to realign its efforts with the 2℃ trajectory and increase the States' mobilisation efforts, as well as those of businesses, local actors, investors. ADEME is keen to be part of this dynamic by promoting the sharing of experiences and best practices on an international scale. In this newsletter you will find two examples of ADEME's work. One of our priorities is to improve the energy efficiency of the building sector, responsible for around 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and to train professionals in sustainable building. ADEME also attaches particular importance to the issues that islands are facing and is supporting their transition towards a 100% renewable electricity mix by 2030.

In this edition
  • FOCUS - Non-Interconnected Zones : 100% renewable objective ;
  • EXPERTISE - Sustainable Construction MOOC: a learning platform dedicated to green building ;
  • WORLDWIDE - Energy efficiency in buildings: the advances of the PEEB programme.

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