ADEME & Vous : International Newsletter 49

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Organisme : ADEME
Description : juin 2019 - 4 p. - Réf. 010801
Type de contenu : Périodique

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Description du tableau
Résumé : The European Union is a key international leader in the fight against climate change. From the '2020 energy-climate' pack to the climate and energy framework for 2030, the EU's objectives encourage member states to commit to strong policies to tackle climate change. These efforts have allowed them to reduce their carbon emissions by 2.5% between 2017 and 2018. However, it has been widely acknowledged since the Paris Agreement that the objectives set are not ambitious enough, that the implemented policies must be accelerated and that global ambition must be strengthened. The European Commission has thus presented a climate strategy proposition for the EU for 2050, which should help member states to reach their climate objectives. As the recent European elections highlighted the importance of climate when it comes to citizens' preoccupations, ADEME intends to strengthen its presence within European institutions, so that French expertise can be better shared. This Newsletter sets out a number of innovative solutions that can be exported, such as bioeconomy and the implementation of a 3rd Industrial Revolution. We also wish to support our businesses in gaining in competitiveness and to contribute to the European harmonisation of methodologies and tools that help mitigate and adapt to climate change.

In this edition :
  • FOCUS : Spotlight on bio-based products
  • EXPERTISE : At the heart of the 3rd Industrial Revolution
  • WORLDWIDE : France-Japan : active cooperation in favour of the bioeconomy


Description du tableau
Éditeur : ADEME
Date de mise en ligne : juin 2019
Date d'édition : juin 2019
Langue : EN
ISSN imprimé : 1961-4632
ISSN électronique : 1957-7184
Type de support : pdf/A4
Cible(s) concernée(s) : Tout Public
Public : International

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