ADEME energy transition scenarios 2030/2050

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Organisme : ADEME
Description : mai 2014 - 44 p. - Réf. 7942
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Description du tableau
Résumé : ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, is a public agency reporting to the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In 2012, the Agency assigned its resources to the performance of an energy scenario analysis exercise entitled 'ADEME Scenario Analysis 2030-2050'. This document presents a summary of the report. The full version can be viewed online on the ADEME website.

This work allows the Agency to offer a proactive energy scenario analysis for all stakeholders (experts, the general public and decision-makers, etc.), focusing on two main areas of expertise: managing energy consumption and developing supplies of renewable energy resources using proven or demonstration-phase technologies.

This scenario analysis exercise thus identifies a potential pathway for energy transition in France. It is based on two time horizons and two separate methodologies. One projection, applicable from the present day, seeks to maximise the potential energy savings and renewable energy resources in an ambitious but realistic manner, until 2030. The second, normative projection aims to achieve a fourfold reduction in greenhouse gas emissions generated within France by 2050, compared to the 1990 levels.

The analysis presented in this document is primarily based on an exploration of different scenarios that allow for the achievement of ambitious energy and environmental targets in technically, economically and socially feasible conditions. This analysis is supplemented by a macroeconomic analysis.

The proposed projection, particularly for 2030, does not rely on a radical change of lifestyle, a drop in comfort or a gamble on major technological breakthroughs. It shows that by using technologies and organisational changes that are currently within our reach, we now have the means to achieve the long-term goals. The scenario is also based on assumptions of significant growth, both economic (1.8% per year) and demographic (69 million inhabitants in 2030 and 74 millions in 2050). The 2050 scenario shows that with sustained growth, the fourfold reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is achievable.

A French version is available.


Description du tableau
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