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Report of changes AGRIBALYSE 1.2 - AGRIBALYSE 1.3

Description du tableau
Author : Agribalyse consortium
Description : November 2016 - 18 p.
Type of content : Summary

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Description du tableau
Summary : The AGRIBALYSE LCI database and associated methodology report were published at the beginning of 2014. The database, which can be accessed on request to the ADEME, has been downloaded by more than a hundred organizations in many different fields: research institutes, universities, design offices, companies in the food industry, etc. The data is used for a wide range of applications such as the improvement of farming practices, issues related to biofuels, dietary studies and the effects of wastage.
The main aim of this update was to switch from Ecoinvent (EI) v2.2 to Ecoinvent v3.1 database for background processes. This conversion was necessary so that AGRIBALSYE data could benefit from the huge updating work carried out by Ecoinvent, as well as to ensure easy use of AGRIBALYSE data in the future, old versions of Ecoinvent disappearing slowly from the LCA softwares. Beside this update, we took the opportunity to correct minor mistakes that were identified by users. No heavy recalculation of direct emission was implemented for this update, therefore some mistakes are remaining and should be corrected in further versions. These mistakes are expected to have very limited effect on the results.
This update was coordinated by ADEME, calculation work ensured by Koch Consulting. PreConsultant contributed by a technical support highly valuable.
This document is meant to continue with the transparency approach supported by AGRIBALYSE partners, describing the step implemented for the new update. It describes :
- The conversion steps implemented for the switch to Ecoinvent (EI) v3.1;
- Mistakes corrected;
- Mistakes remaining.
AGRIBALYSE methodological report (Koch and Salou 2016) has been updated to reflect the latest version of the database. For more information on Ecoinvent v3 database, users should also refer to Ecoinvent website (Ecoinvent 2015).


Description du tableau
Online publication date : January 2017
Published Date : November 2016
Language : EN
Type of medium : pdf/A4
Target(s) concerned : Entreprises et Monde Agricole
Public : Agriculture et Forêt

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