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Mediterranean energy transition : 2040 scenario

Description du tableau
Organisation : ADEME
Description : June 2016 - 20 p. - Réf. 8899
Type of content : Study, Report

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Description du tableau
Summary : This document is the summary of the Mediterranean energy transition scenario findings elaborated and developed within the framework of the cooperation between the Mediterranean association of the national agencies for energy conservation (MEDENER), the Mediterranean energy observatory (OME) and ADEME. The results were presented at the occasion of the 4th MEDENER international conference 'Enhancing energy transition in the Mediterranean, towards a sustainable energy mix'. This conference is organised in partnership with the Agency for the promotion and the rationalisation of energy (APRUE), the 25th May 2016 in Algiers. As a contribution to the MedCOP Climate 2016 in Tangier on July 18th and 19th, 2016, this work is being revised by assessing the energy sector contribution to the NDCs submitted by each Mediterranean country to the Paris Agreement of Paris at the occasion of COP21, with the ultimate objective to put all the countries of the Mediterranean region on a trajectory of + 2℃ by 2040.


Description du tableau
Editor : ADEME
Online publication date : July 2016
Published Date : June 2016
Language : EN
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