Investments for the Future

Investments for the Future

Updated 06/29/2015

The Investments for the Future programme is intended to support projects fostering innovation and the creation of non-relocatable jobs in sectors with strong potential for the French economy.

It is a matter of strengthening France's strategic competitive advantages. The implementation of the Investments for the Future program is steered by the General Investment Commission (CGI). It is supported by several operators, including ADEME, which is responsible for innovation for energy and ecological transition.


In 2010, ADEME was awarded responsibility for credits of the major national loan, which was at that time split between 4 key programs. In 2014, due to the success achieved, the agency was awarded a new wave of credits in the Investments for the Future program (PIA), enabling it to continue and extend its action. The French State has thus awarded ADEME over €3.3 billion dedicated to implementing the Ecological and Environmental Transition.

The PIA is a genuine tool for industrial policy which acts as a catalyst for green growth. It finances innovative projects of all sizes to create and develop the industrial sectors of the future. As part of the program, ADEME is involved in the following topics:
Vehicle of the future (7) Low-carbon energies (10)
The topics covered by the PIA
Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
Hybrid vehicles
Vehicle weight reduction
Heavy vehicles
Mobility and logistics
Rail transport
Ships of the future
Sea-based energies
Solar energies
Wind power
Geothermal power
Co2 capture, storage and re-use
Hydrogen vector
Industry and agriculture
Energy storage
Circular economy (3) Smart electricity grids (1)
Waste and industrial ecology
Soil and site remediation
Water and biodiversity
Smart electricity grids

Investment mechanisms

To support and manage the special nature of these projects, ADEME offers project owners two types of financing:

Support via State aid which is subject to European competition regulations. This is organised through calls for projects and consists of:
  • state aid with systematic profit-sharing, known as "repayable advances";
  • grants, which are primarily reserved for research bodies.
This tool is used to allocate aid to projects generally selected as part of calls for projects (AAP).

Two tools for investing own funds as an "informed investor":
  • for SMEs: the Ecotechnologies fund;
  • for intermediate-sized enterprises (ISE) and large enterprises: ADEME's direct investment in entrepreneurial companies.
These investments are made as a long-term informed investor. ADEME and the Ecotechnologies fund are particularly vigilant regarding the profitability of their investments and have high expectations regarding economic, social and environmental performance.

A non-French company can benefit from these investment mechanisms to receive financing for their innovative projects provided the demonstrators or protection will be located in the country and benefit the French economy and job market.

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