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ADEME & Vous : International Newsletter n°38

Making the building sector part of the 2°C strategy

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Organisation : ADEME
Description : September 2016 - 4 p.
Type of content : Periodical

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Description du tableau
Summary : The Paris Agreement is progressing: at the beginning of September 2016, 26 countries including China had already ratified it. However, there are still huge steps to take to limit warming to 2℃ by 2100. In order to meet that challenge, civil society actors are taking the necessary steps to implement the 70 initiatives of the Climate Action Agenda. ADEME is taking part in a number of these initiatives. The MEDCOP Climat event was the chance for the presidents of the various regions around the Mediterranean to publish for the first time a joint Declaration to tackle climate change. The next Climate Chance summit in Nantes will enable participants to draw up roadmaps on the various issues, in preparation for COP 22 and beyond. The Moroccan team is determined to make COP 22 one of implementation and development of strong initiatives, especially in terms of access to energy and adaptation and strengthening of capacity, whilst ensuring countries of the global South are largely included, as major playors in the drive to reach these ambitious climate-related objectives.

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Editor : ADEME
Online publication date : September 2016
Published Date : September 2016
Language : EN
ISSN imprimé : 1961-4632
ISSN électronique : 1957-7184
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