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ADEME & Vous : International Newsletter n° 39

Civil society at the forefront of the fight against climate change

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Organisation : ADEME
Description : November 2016 - 4 p.
Type of content : Periodical

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Description du tableau
Summary : In order to achieve the objectives set out by the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to 2℃, it is essential that we increase and improve the mobilisation of private individuals. Whether it is developing new services and technologies, supporting the appropriation of good practices and techniques in the Global South, or redirecting funding towards projects that are compatible with climatic urgency, the contribution of businesses and economic organisations is essential. A year after the launch of the action agenda of COP21, the COP22 in Marrakesh helped bolster the mobilisation of nonstate actors that started in Paris and allowed participants to assess the progress of many innovative initiatives. One example is the ACT project (Assessing low-Carbon Transition) led by ADEME and the CDP. Its aim is to mobilise around two dozen major French and international groups to test a methodology which allows them to assess the progress made by businesses when it comes to scenarios of transition towards a low carbon economy. Another example is that of the 'Innovation Mission' initiative, which aims to double governmental input in R&D for around twenty countries by 2020 in carbon-free technologies, alongside the input of private investors from the 'Breakthrough Energy Coalition'. This month, ADEME is present at the Pollutec exhibition. Join us at our ADEME and Club ADEME International stand.

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Description du tableau
Editor : ADEME
Online publication date : November 2016
Published Date : November 2016
Language : EN
Type of medium : pdf/A4
Target(s) concerned : Tout Public
Public : International