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Adapting to climate change: a strategic issues for French territories

Description du tableau
Author : ADEME
Description : October 2017 - 2 p. - Réf. 010246
Type of content : Best practices

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Description du tableau
Summary : Adapting to climate change: a strategic issues for French territories

Local authorities play a key role in climate change adaptation :
  • Raising stakeholders' awareness about the necessity to anticipate the consequences of climate change and the resulting benefits
  • Taking into account climate change in the design and construction of sustainable infrastructures (urban planning, buildings, transport,infrastructure, water supply and waste management networks, etc.)
  • Ensuring the safety of population and property given the increasing requency and intensity of extreme climatic events (heatwaves,intense rainfall, drought, etc.)
  • Anticipating the decrease and deterioration of water resources
  • Supporting and developing the resilience of ecosystem services
  • Adapting local revenue streams to preserve economies


Description du tableau
Editor : ADEME
Online publication date : October 2017
Published Date : October 2017
Language : EN
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